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Installation and First Play Test!

February 29th, 2012 | Posted by mstewar1 in Play test

This past weekend we installed temporary equipment in the Makeshop flex space so that we can easily play test and iterate upon our design. We hung camera and projector mounts to provide a low impact way to test when we want to. When not testing, the equipment is out of the way of other exhibits that inhabit the space.


We had a great play test on Saturday that showed off the initial design for Hello, World! The children had a great time playing with the blocks, and we found a lot of areas that could use some improvement. The following is a clip we have put together of the work space during the play test. It also includes a picture in picture demo that illustrates how the blocks interact with the virtual world. Enjoy!

We highlighted some of the things that went well, and some points we need to work on in the video, and we will be play testing a second iteration with a focus group tomorrow!

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