The Team

Nathan Baran

Picture of Nathan Baran


Nathan holds a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction. He is interested in the juncture between storytelling and game mechanics, and hopes to facilitate harmonious and meaning-rich narratives and design in the video game industry as a game designer or producer.

He enjoys art and entertainment that skates the edge of challenge and antagonism: he believes an audience should not be afraid to work.

Xing “Star” Xu

Picture of Xing

associate producer & programmer

Star loves technology and art. He started to learn algorithms and programming at age 11. Back then there were still languages like QBasic, Pascal and Logo. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management in E-commerce and Law. He is drawn to games that can impact people in a positive way. He is also fond of interactive art.

Emmanuel Eytan

Picture of Emmanuel Eytan

backend programmer & writer

Emmanuel was born in Paris and has lived in Paris, London, New York, San Francisco and now, Pittsburgh. He loves fiction in all forms: TV, movies, theater, comics, novels and video games. He’s worked as a programmer, mostly in web backend, programming in PHP, but he loves Python and all things Linux.At the ETC, he is hoping to take part in developing the next big interactive fiction concept.

So far, on the programming side, he’s become familiar with C#, Unity and HTML5 game engines, and he learned how to be a sound designer during his first semester. (He still prefers Python and Unix to Audition.)

He speaks French and English and dabbles in Mandarin Chinese.

Shaveen Kumar

Picture of Shaveen Kumar


Very passionate about playing and creating video games. A hardcore tech/gadget freak. Love to travel and experience life to the fullest.

Anabelle Lee

Picture of Annabelle Lee

UI artist & writer

Anabelle is just some kid who studied a bunch of different things before setting up camp in the writing department of Carnegie Mellon University for undergraduate studies. After graduating, Anabelle moved just a few blocks away and holed up in the Entertainment Technology Center, working on textures and other things. Writing for videogames would be her eventual dream job.Anabelle has a deep love of videogames — mostly FPSes and action games — and Japanese comics and awful B-movies. She also collects obnoxious hoodies and fabulous boots in her spare time.Anabelle thinks writing in the third person always sounds extremely awkward, but it’s just the social convention, you know?

Feiran “Vera” Li

Picture of Feiran Lee


I have been playing video games since I was just able to hold the Joystick. My mother even said that it was game who taught me how to count. It is probably no exaggeration to say that I was born bonded with games.When I was 10, I was moved by a game named Chinese Paladin , and then I started to wonder that how fancy it could be if I would design my own game!From then on, I brought game design into my life. I do really like the feeling of being a game designer. It makes me feel like I am the god of my game world. All the players would obey my rules, receive the story I want to tell, and share my laughter or my tears. Yes! My objective is to be an outstanding game designer and programmer.

Martin Mittner

Picture of Martin Mitter

3D artist & designer

I’m an artist at heart. I have a fine art background and I used to do a lot of sculpture working with everything from bronze to wood. Small wonder then that I am drawn to modeling and texturing. Yes, I have some experience with animation, and that lends itself to making better models that animators can work with. But, my true passion is modeling. I love to shape models out, and modern texturing techniques not only allow me to paint on a model, but actually take the details of my modeling to a whole new level.I came to Carnegie Mellon with only a basic experience in 3D. I had always been interested but never found enough time to delve into programs like Maya or Max. However, during the first semester I worked on my teams as a texture artist and began my exploration of modeling and texturing. Now I am constantly striving to learn more and improve on the skills I have gathered. It’s something I can lose myself in, I have yet to work on a project where I was bored with this discipline. For that reason, amongst many, I hope to find a position in the gaming world where I can apply these skills and build on them.

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