It’s alive!

The simulation is now available to the public. Please take a moment and experience the wonder of Virtually There – High Point Pittsburgh. You have the option of visiting the simulation through a Facebook Application (login required) or a standard web page (no login required).

Experience for yourself via either portal:



Team VT

A new interior

After meeting with the architecture students last Tuesday we were given a brand new model to build upon. After much cleanup and tweaking by Sun-moon with additional scripting and code added by Cintia and Siddhesh we have a new working prototype up and running and are getting ready to give a demonstration for the CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello.

Here are some new images of the updated experience:

Newly refinished glass lofts will allow for guests to stand 846 feet above ground level and watch as the cars pass below their feet.

Roof access as become available allowing guests to visit the top deck, feel the cool breeze and listen to the wind pass over Pittsburgh.

A preview of the new GUI (graphical user interface) as well as the newly designed welcome atrium complete with glass walls and ceiling.


Team VT gathering local press

This past week has been a hail storm of interviews, articles and reports surrounding the upcoming plans to create a virtual simulation of Pittsburgh’s future crown jewel. On Monday the 13th Team VT was mentioned in an article in the Pittsburgh Press, an online publication covering local news and events. Shortly thereafter our team was covered again in a front page article that ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the following Monday. Later that day KDKA ran an interview and story about High Point Pittsburgh and Team VT on the five o’clock news. Click the links to view the story and continue your support.

Official Team Logo and Poster

We have sent our Poster and Half Sheet, a smaller 8.5×5.5 inch project description card, to be printed this week. We wanted to give a preview of what they will look like when printed so here you are. Half Sheets can be available to you for distribution upon request so please let us know. Enjoy!

Team VT Logo:

Team VT Poster:

Social Media Extravaganza

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! High Point Pittsburgh has gone social. For the latest updates on the project please be sure to visit the High Point Pittsburgh Page as well as our twitter feed @HighpointPGH for daily updates and the newest content on the project.

By the end of the month Team VT will have an active working prototype live on the web for our followers to test, experience and most importantly give vital feedback on the progress thus far. We look forward to hearing what each of you think about the project and thank you for your continued support.

Take a look!

 This is a screen shot taken today to give a preview of what the guest will experience from the breath taking views on top of the U.S. Steel building. Progress is well underway and moving quickly. By Friday we will have a working prototype that will go live on the internet for everyone to explore the crude, albeit functional, space. Continue to check back for more updates and be sure to read our newest newsletter!

The Project Begins!

High Point Pittsburgh has reached an exciting point on its journey to becoming a staple in Pittsburgh’s skyline. Cintia Higashi, Sun-moon Hwang, Siddhesh Vichare and Sean McChesney have teamed up from within the Entertainment Technology Center to brainstorm and create a unique web-based experience. From their client, Dave Bear, the graduate students have received a culmination of architectural designs, Gigapan panoramas and fruitful ideas about what this project can become. The job of Team VT is to create a fully interactive virtual tour that is unique for each guest based on their input from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Team VT will be working alongside two of Carnegie Mellon’s architecture students to prepare a tour that coincides with the creative vision formulated for this extraordinary venue. We will have weekly newsletters posted on every Friday that will keep everyone up to date on our progress each step of the way. Have a great day and thank you for following along with Team VT and  the High Point Pittsburgh project.