Experience for yourself via either portal:

Standard Web: HighPointPittsburgh.com
Facebook App: Apps.Facebook.com/Virtually_There

Welcome to the Team VT website! We are Team VT and are the newest addition to the long-running High Point Pittsburgh project.

VIRTUALLY THERE is a web-based real-time interactive simulation of a proposed venue to be built on top of the U.S. Steel building, Pittsburgh’s tallest building that boasts the  largest surface area of any skyscraper rooftop in the United States.

Our goal is to invoke awareness and excitement for the potential High Point Pittsburgh project by creating a virtual environment that offers freedom of movement and a unique experience for each guest.

To find out more on what this project entails please visit the Project page. For more information on the four team members and their roles please view our Team page. Be sure to check back on Monday’s for our weekly newsletter that will highlight weekly topics, set backs and triumphs as we move forward in creating a virtual venue!