Newsletter Week 6

Week 6 (2/17 – 2/21)

Previous Week

Last week the team fleshed out the design for two of the project’s main features, the bookshelf and user friends, while taking into account the feedback the faculty gave at 1/4s.  The team also worked on completing functionality for the bookshelf and backend structures for user friends.

Week Overview

This week we finalized design for the user friend functionality and focused our efforts on completing all the assets and functionality for our first playtest this coming Monday.


The team spent the week finalizing the design for the application’s first feature set, providing all the needed assets, and finishing the front end functionality which will be in the hands of the users for our first play test.    The artists completed the first user environment and put effort into creating all the assets needed for the user interface.  The team also put thought into how to obtain the most meaningful information from our testers, how our implementation schedule should be adjusted in accordance with the changes we made after 1/4s, and what aspect should have its design finalized following the play test.


The team hopes to complete the application prototype for internal testing by Saturday and finalize our play test survey at that point.  In the coming week we will make any changes necessitated by our playtest results and move forward with completing the implementation of in-game user friends.

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