an embodied learning fraction game


What makes our game unique

Embodied learning

All scenarios are designed so that students move their corporal bodies and use multiple senses. We attempt to engage modalities that are typically not stimulated during regular instruction. For example, while the fraction is occurring the image on the floor shows the animation of splitting and probably engages the vestibular system.


This game is a competition for 2 teams, and the faster team go through all the levels will be the winner. In the end, candy fireworks will show up as the prize for winners. However, the other team can still continue playing until they finish all the levels so that fireworks can be more fantastic.


All students in the class are engaged in tasks and play a role. Because they have responsibility, even as helpers on the sidelines when not in the space, they stay attuned. These game-style Communities of Practice are powerful predictors of learning and aid in leading users on the pathway to expertise.


Research has indicated that novelty (and the perception of novelty) is extremely important for learning information and maintaining attention. Giving students opportunities to experience content in a novel manner turns on the limbic rewards system.


Fractions in Embodied Learning

We are making am embodied learning game for school students to help them reinforce what they have learned in class. With the platform in SMALLab, our game combines interactive technology with engaging story. The primary focus is to take advantage of SMALLab's capabilities in fun and pedagogical ways.

  • embodied learning
  • SMALLab
  • fractions


We are small but we have all
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Ziqi Ma

Producer & Designer
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Kaichi Huh

I worked on several interactive playable prototypes of games in the first semester. After that I worked on projects for the U.S. Track and Filed Foundation (OnTrack) and Smallab (SmAll). Both are related to education or location based entertainment.
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Jiawen Liang

Jiawen Liang is a programmer who pursues writing efficient and robust code. She loves to create happiness for others with her code, and currently is a graduate student at the Entertainment Technology Center(ETC), Carnegie Mellon University.
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Seth Glickman

Sound Designer
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Shirley Saldamarco

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Scott Stevens


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