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About our project

Our team is making several interactive exhibits for the historical artifact, the Tea and Sugar Train, located in Port Adelaide, South Australia. The train was literally a shopping center on wheels with a provision car, a butcher shop, a bank, transporting both essentials and city luxuries to isolated areas of the country.

The goal of this project is to help Australian National Railway Museum make the Tea and Sugar Train the centerpiece of a new exhibit on the history of life in the Outback, bringing the old train to life using technology. We will create a synthetic interview for the butcher car that allows people to interact with the virtual butcher. We will also design simple games in the provision car and bank car allowing children to shop at 1970's price to enact financial transactions. Ideally, a virtual experience will be added to the relay car, having a media window displaying Outback view to show tough environment back then.

For this occasion, ETC-SV will cooperate with University of South Australia students, who will mainly be involved in recording oral histories as well as archive searches. At the end of this semester, we will attempt to install new exhibit at the Railway Museum .

Our Goal


The aim of this project is to delivery an installation of the synthetic interview on the butcher car, where people can communicate with the virtual butcher by touching the screen, asking him questions. We want to create an experience as immersive as possible, using real life settings and UI design matching real props.

Taking into considering handicapped people with limited mobility to enter the butcher car, this project will also include a general information display outside the conductor car to relay the history.

While half of the team is working on synthetic interviews and gathering stories, the rest of the team will be designing children's games for the provision and pay cars. We are also hoping to implement the outback window in the relay car to provide people with an authentic experience of the Outback.