(By Ruchi Hendre/03012020)

Work Done this Week

This week we focused on the implementation and building a prototype to show to the faculty our interaction. In the video below you can have a look at our interaction mechanic, user behaviour and phidget and projection on the glass wall at the Kenner room.

The content on which is projected on the film screen can be found from below, this animation was used for playtesting throughout the last week and we have received almost 700 responses in the form of tokens stuck outside the Kenner Wall.

The Key takeaway from this playtest were as follows:

  1. The phidget interaction through the wall works well.
  2. The projection on the glass wall attracts attention to the room.
  3. The content (text message form) is engaging.

We are expecting the custom projection film to arrive next week, and we aim to implement this design with the projection and phidgets as shown in the projection diagram below. The bigger circle is around 55 inches and the smaller one is around 25 inches.


Challenges this week were around getting the right kind of sensors,and possible prop to hold the sensors onto the glass wall. Fixing the budget, design and sizes for the projection film and ordering it.

Changes Made

The changes made to deal with the above challenges were that we decided that the sensors need a very fitted prop to hold it in one place. The wiring needed and how it was going to be in the final installation was calculated. The projection films design and order are now finalised and ordered. Keeping in mind the crux of the client requirement we have decided to make a this choice based interactive projection system for the room with one fully delivered idea that can be used on system and up to three templates (polling, Text message, promotions), and these template will be able to take in inputs(images, animation) from students, administrators through a backend on the laptop provided to us. We also aim to provide a design manual documenting all the possible ideas we can come up with respect to our system.

Plan for Next Week

Our plan for the next week is to test the arrived projection film, map onto it accurately, decide the prop for the sensors, come up with designs for templates and keep iterating based on playtest results.


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