The Other Side

The Other side created an interactive projection system for the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room on CMU campus.

It is essentially a polling platform that is directly implemented on the glass wall. It engages students to explore cultural understanding, and languages. It is more than just a physical installation, but a tool that fosters an interactive learning experience.


This was a room not yet sure about its identity and audience. Our research dug into how it’s being used, and what it’s been looking for.


We came up with the concept of developing a system that lives in this room, to help establish its identity.


We did weekly play-tests right on this glass wall, and continued in VR simulation after quarantine……


We transformed an ordinary glass into an interactive screen. And it’s beautiful to look at with or without the projection.

Annie Hsiao-Ching Huang

Producer / UX Research

Hanhui Lu

Artist / UI,UX Designer

Ningshan Ouyang

Programmer / Game Designer

Ruchi Hendre

Programmer / Technical Artist

We will deliver an editor, and a unity application for the display to run the whole system. As for the hardware, we will deliver to the client the circular film screen, the sensors, with a comprehensive installation manual and documentation. We plan to ship the film […]
Besides the VR build, we also provided the 2D interactive build from the front view of the glass to reach out to more PC playtesters.  We designed the survey to focus on collecting more in-depth and qualitative feedback about the interaction design and visual design during […]
Why VR? After half, the impact of COVID-19 has put CMU to remote instruction. The CMU campus was temporarily closed down, including the location for which our installation was built. To adapt to the remote working, we pivot to build a VR simulation of the location to […]