(By Ruchi Hendre/04182020)

Work Done this Week

This week was about tying up loose ends and getting everything to work. We had a client meeting this week to let our client Stephan know what are our final deliverables and plan for this project. Though we are a location based project, due to the current situation installing it is not possible as of now, but we plan to provide all the materials needed for the installation the code, films, sensors, containers and a manual for installation and tech manual for further improvements to the system. Reaching basic functionality is our goal.


The technology tied together this week with the backend and the front end working together. Now we are able to change the content on the front end, projectable on the glass wall, through a system on the local computer backend.

This is the architecture diagram for the system workflow:

The Glass Display or the front end is a unity project, it is capable of talking to the sensors and taking input from them, at the same time it can read input from the backend editor through local data or (json files)

The Backend editor is a python based desktop application which can take in text input , image and video input from the desktop it is installed on and create the json files readable by the glass display application.

These two modules are a part of our final deliverable along with our design and tech manual.

The code for this system can be found at https://github.com/TheOtherSide2020/TheOtherSide , so that this project can be further developed after this semester.

Satisfying the Purpose of the Project

The other side aims to give the Global Languages and Kenner room and identity by bringing the room outside the room through our touch based interactive projection display. As of now it can be used to promote events, gatherings, content , take pollas and create a conversation like simulation on the glass wall.

Through our content manual which contains all the ideas which could be implementable on this system, we stuck to language and culture for our content research but this system is capable of being a medium for varied future content.

Plan for Next Week

Next week marks a softs, we aim to show a working prototype of our frontend and backend and also convey the status of our deliverables.


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