Final Demo on the Product

We will deliver an editor, and a unity application for the display to run the whole system. As for the hardware, we will deliver to the client the circular film screen, the sensors, with a comprehensive installation manual and documentation.

We plan to ship the film and sensors at our client’s address by May 12th. Since we do not have access to the room anytime soon, we are not going to be the one’s installing the system but we have strived to make this process as easy as possible for our client.

As documentation is one of our main deliverables, we created a consolidated document for our interactive projection system.
For the users, we have consolidated all the content ideas we could come up with and included them in our manual as a reference for the future. Our product, however, is not limited to only these content prompts, hence the guidelines of creating some content can help users to keep expanding the scope, topic and tone of the content created.
 For the admins, the manual contains physical installation, including both films and sensors, instructions for the system and steps on how to use the software.
The manual for designers is made to understand the design process from the starting of the semester. The developer’s manual documents the tech process, how to make changes and adjustments to the systems, such as the colors of each template we have delivered.

Being flexible and allowing a lot of options for our client will result in a dynamic product.  Along with a modular approach to our development and design, we are delivering technical and design manuals to help us make our product flexible. So that parts of the system can be updated in the future.



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