Besides the VR build, we also provided the 2D interactive build from the front view of […]
Overview We strived to conduct meaningful playtests all throughout the semester. After the Spring break, we […]
(By Ruchi Hendre/03282020) Work Done This Week This week we implemented a VR system for playtesting […]
Introduction We’re creating a choice-based interactive projection system for the Kenner Room, located in the Tepper School […]
(Draft by Ruchi Hendre/02212020 ; Edited by Annie) This week we focused on the following tasks: […]
(By Ruchi Hendre/02142020) Presentations & Critique: We finished our quarter presentations last week and gathered feedback […]
(By Ruchi Hendre/02072020) Documentation: The Other Side is a client project so one of our responsibilities […]
(By Ruchi/01302020) Iteration & Testing This week our efforts were concentrated on refining our ideas and […]
(By Ruchi Hendre/ 01242020) Roles and Responsibilities Being first-timers attempting an ETC project semester we knew […]
(Written by Ruchi, 01172020)  The Project The Other side is looking to turn The Askwith Kenner […]