Ariel Han (Ji-Yeon)

Ariel Jiyeon Han is an adventurous dreamer. Her life always has been surrounded by artists because of her educational background. She went through art specialized middle school and high school, and majored art at Seoul National University. She majored Fine Art and at the same time understood other disciplines of art such as piano, violin, ballet. All of them inspired her a lot to broaden her artistic perspective.

She learned to draw and paint on many different surfaces with different materials, mold various statues with clay and make sculpture. While studying Sculpting at the university, she doubled majored industrial design and engaged on many different projects. She designed futuristic concept vehicle sketches and scaled models for Hyundai Motors, went to Beijing and took a part in a joint project with Tsinghua university to build an experimental space art. After returning to Korea, she did an internship at Mac architect where she drew concept art for a new building.

Recently she has been in pursuit of entertainment technology. She always wanted to make something in digital form, aiming for the entertainment industry. So she made a game for Ipad and she learned that creating interactive media is something that she enjoys. Now at ETC with all her past experience, she is taking a giant leap to become a great artist who can make fun and useful content especially for children in the future.

Educational History

Seoul National University Sculpture/Industrial Design