Dev Log

Week 15 : A Good End

The last week involved a lot of work on bug fixes and getting ready for the festival, the final presentation and the final playthrough. Our instructor Mike worked with us to find hidden bugs which was very helpful in ensuring that our application ran smoothly.

We also began work on moving all of our documentation to a website where it can be accessed easily. We took inspiration from the format of Isetta Engine, a student pitched project that had worked to build a game engine from scratch. Here’s the link to our documentation website:

Here we have the content based on the various components that went into making the project successful.

The festival was on Saturday (12-Dec-20). It went much better for us than expected. Programmers found our project especially interesting and stayed in the booth for a long time to chat with us and share their feedback about what they think about this entire project.

Lastly, we also worked on the project trailer this week which can be found below:

Looking back we were very happy about how the project turned out. During the initial weeks of the project we were very considered about whether the AI would ever work or not. We were even preparing about potential directions we could head to if the AI did not end up working. Thankfully, it worked very well by the end.

We also got a chance to speak to MegaCrit (studio that developed Slay the Spire). It validated our idea and gave us confidence that the foundation of our project was strong. Going forward we think that AI is the future technology and it has a lot of potential to make a big impact in how games are developed.

We sincerely hope that our work will be useful for others who are looking to venture in a similar space.