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Youtube: windows phone 7 series

CNET: Windows Phone 7 at a glance

BARCELONA, Spain--As expected, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 during its news conference at Mobile World Congress 2010.

Engadget: Windows Phone 7: Everything you wanted to know

Microsoft just planted a massive flag in the ground with the debut of Windows Phone 7 Series. The company's new mobile operating system is a radical and potent departure from the past, and there's a lot to take in -- so we've gathered together all our knowledge and impressions of the device so far and rolled them into a single, concise guide.

Gamasutra: XNA, Silverlight Support for WP7

Windows Home Server general manager Charlie Kindel revealed that the upcoming Windows Phone 7 series will feature support for the XNA and Silverlight development frameworks.

Microsoft Adding Xbox Live To WP7 Devices

Microsoft has announced the Windows Phone 7 Series, a new set of smartphones running a drastically reconfigured Windows OS and including Xbox Live-compatible avatars, achievements, and games as part of the new system.

Gizmodo: How Will Xbox Live Work on Windows Phone 7?

Technology site Gizmodo had a more detailed look at the game-relevant aspects of the device, noting that "there will be games -- 'premium titles' with achievements and multiplayer connected to other cellphones, PCs and Xbox 360 consoles."

Windows Phone 7 Series Hands-On Pics and Video

Mashable: Microsoft Unveils WP7 With Xbox Live and Zune



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