4/01 – 4/05 Week 11: Progression


Week 11 was long and short. We produced a lot more of the game content, and prepared for the playtest day, the 6th.

As we have finished writing the story, we are now putting in more details for the intro of the games in. Also, noticing the players don’t always get to know what to do in the beginning of the game, we started thinking about how should we introduce our game, either using a tutorial or a game manual.

We also had a lot of other feedback from playtesters.  It’s nice to have many, so we can improve our game based on what do our target audience thought.

– Magian


While the rest of the team is busy on playtesting and laying out more rooms, the designer is concurrently working on implementing mini-games. At the end of the week, we already have one mini-game working. For next week, our goal is to complete the implementation of both games.

– Brian


Due to the upcoming playtest day, we’ve integrated three more rooms we’ve designed into our game. Cemetery Room, White Room, and Volcano Room can now be accessed through the doors in the main room. Additionally, the typing mini game’s prototype is made available for the playtest so that we can get its feedback.

When using a computer terminal, it no longer shows all available problems instantly. Instead, each problem category gets its own computer in their respective rooms, and there is a short “booting” sequence for immersion and allows seamless integration of A’s dialogue

– Max


This week we have the first four chapters written in script form for our playtesters. The first three chapters of the story has already been added to the game. We questioned our playtesters and most seemed to understand the general plot of the story. We are still developing a way for the story to be added to the game; we have so far converted manually created csv files into json files before adding to the game.

– Tina


This week we added the volcano, white, and cemetery rooms into the game. We also completed different door animations for each room and added their still images into the game to help playtesters navigate. The feedback for the rooms were generally positive, but we received consistent feedback that our main room is too large.

– Tina

Other things we did in the week:

Playtest Day! Thanks to all testers for your time and feedback!

For the next week, we’re planning to:

>>> Work on the feedback from playtest day
>>> Plan and start the last sprint, finish up the game!