4/08 – 4/12 Week 12: Getting close


For Week 12 and 13 we planned our last sprint. The past week 12 seemed to be on schedule, although there’s the fact that you always should expect unexpected tasks and challenges.

We started this week with a very helpful retrospective meeting. We talked about the past sprint, the playtest day and all the feedback we got.  Then we planned for the next two weeks. We prioritized tasks and estimated carefully, since the deadline is coming and we have to deliver our product.

By the end of the week, we got a chance to go to CMU Spring Carnival. It feels good to take a breathe in early spring nice weather, so we could come back and throw more work in.

– Magian


Last week we talked about the implementation of two mini-games: the typing minigame and a pattern minigame. This week all two of these games have been completed, but they’re all limited in functionality. This means that although both games work, they aren’t placed in the world yet, and requires some further adjustments and debugging.

While we finish up creating these minigames, we now shift our focus to our third minigame, which involves meta-games. We briefly talked about this idea with our clients, but has not worked on it since then; now that we have completed the two minigames that work within Unity, we can now spend more time developing this last minigame.

– Brian


This week, we’ve been adding more QoL improvements. When the player first choose their name, there’s now a confirmation popup. All highlights are now in the player’s color to keep the player reminded of their identity. Additionally, walkthrough are now integrated into the problem interface, and the player can now unlock walkthroughs in the game. Unlocking walkthroughs, similarly, has a confirmation dialogue.

In addition, several more art assets have been added, most notably door animations.

– Max


This week we completed all chapters of the story into a script and also developed a pipeline for uploading the story into the game; the story is written in Latex so that it can be automatically parsed into csv and json formats.

– Tina


This week we added the ultra reality room (thanks Brian!) to the game. We also created assets for the various minigame and puzzles that the rooms need. We also completed part of the engine room and console, ready to be added to the game.

– Tina

Other things we did in the week:

>>> CMU Spring Carnival! Have fun and enjoy the weather…

For the next week, we’re planning to:

>>> Finish the whole thing!