Week 10 Blog

This week the CuriouSer team worked to finalize our MVP. This meant that we had the art, programing, and basic features to show the core of what our final idea could be. We then took this MVP through a playtest at a school and through playtest day. This gave us a lot of good feedback on what was and wasn’t working. One of the major things we discovered was that most players wouldn’t fully explore the cook-o-matic to the point where they were using it. This seemed to be in part due to confusion over the interface and in part because they were never directed toward it so they didn’t know it was important. Once they were prompted to use it, a lot of students used it to their advantage and come to understand the benefits.

Programming worked this week to finalize the systems for both styles of cooking and the systems needed to support the game. In terms of cooking, the programming team finalized the systems that would build pizzas from the ingredients they are given. This meant that we could minimize our art assets and cooking possibilities so that there was little chance to go outside the expected bounds and break our systems. In terms of support systems, programming worked to build our basic feedback system of tips for orders and the system to accept pizzas for orders and send them to the customer.

Art worked to create the assets that worked with programming’s systems. This meant giving pizza assets that could easily have ingredients active or deactivated. It also meant making the assets that could easily be imported and layed out in Unity. Art also worked to try and get a final layout for the environment so that it was easy to explore and could feed into our design.

Design worked to simplify the scope and plan out the systems of feedback and progression. This meant ensuring that our design could easily be added in what we had while still achieving our learning goals. Design also need to work to figure out how we could build this experience and provide feedback to reinforce our learning goals. This meant planning out a level pattern that makes them want to use the cook-o-matic and realize its various benefits.