Week 12 Blog

This week the CuriouSer team focused on finalizing our features and improving how we provide feedback to the player. This meant merging the current versions we had of our art and our scripts to ensure they are all in and functioning how we want. At the end of the week, we had these final versions merged and are cutting off changes to our major features. We also broke down our level system so that in between orders we stop and take a moment to let they player know how they did. This helps us to show that students need to use functions to hit the maximum efficiency and get the top rating.

We also took this experience to another school and had students play it. Despite a major bug in our assets, we had a chance to gather a lot of good feedback. For example, we noticed that high school students were using the automatic cooking how we expected but middle school students wouldn’t. We also had the chance to watch how a teacher would take his students through connecting our experience to their class. We got the chance to see how he could easily expand our experience and its lessons into further learning. For example, he would take his students through making the cheese pizza function then show how peperoni could be built up from that function. He would then try to get them to the point where they could see how they could make a pizza function with the ingredients as inputs. We are going to add connections like this into our lesson plans to help teachers realize these connections with their students.