Week 8 Blog

This week the curiouser team took our paper and cook-o-matic prototypes to Plum District high school. While there, we tested both prototypes with around 30 students. We also had them do an exercise to inform us of what they imagine a space kitchen to be and what kinds of foods they know how to make. We learned a lot about problems in our cook-o-matic and recipe designs that came from assumptions we made. We also learned that students connected well to the idea of cooking in space and came to understand the benefits of functions when they experienced the paper prototype.

In terms of art and programing, we continued to push forward toward figuring out what might be possible for the MVP in 2 weeks. In terms of programming, this meant planning out how we can handle both the cook-o-matic and manual side of cooking. This includes planning what will happen if the recipe is wrong or in a correct order that is different than we planned. In terms of art, this meant exploring what space will work well in VR. This includes looking at whether a circular or square space will work best to make the user comfortable to explore and see all the information we need them to.

Design worked to finalize the idea and limit the possibilities in the design to make it easier on programming an art. This included balancing limited recipes while also not trying to favor cooking that might be liked by one group over another. We tried to address this by adding a second style of cooking but making each style only take about 5 steps. The new styles of cooking would be grilling and baking to try and keep it neutral.

Production worked to get the Halves presentation ready and to make sure everyone was practiced for the presentation. Production also worked to try and ensure that it was understood what the MVP should contain and when it needed to be done. This included working with all the other areas to figure out what was important and work with design to shrink the design to what is most important.