Hey NEIF Fans!

We just finished up Softs at the ETC where we show off our (mostly) finished product to the faculty.  The game was very well received and we got some great feedback as well for our final few weeks of the semester.  We held a Softs hi score competition with Dave Culyba topping the rest of the faculty with $11,354 in property damage.  We will be showing the game off to a number of industry representatives during the ETC’s BVW Festival on Wednesday.

Recently, we have been crunching a little bit in the DAM office in order to add some final crucial elements to the game.  Some of the big additions in the past few weeks were our final and fourth scale in the game, parallax scrolling backgrounds, and implementing our text system.  We are also fixing bugs, polishing and continuing to add more assets and content as the semester winds down.

We are also starting our first external beta test on iphones as soon as it is hopefully approved by Apple (it usually takes a few days.)  We have a list of 30+ testers so far but have room for a lot more.  If anybody out there has an iphone and wants to help us out by testing the game please send the email associated with your apple ID to