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Final Blocks!

April 6th, 2012 | Posted by Anisha in Design

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  But in the time we haven’t been posting, we’ve been busily working away on the project.  We’ve been working through four different block designs and I’m proud to announce we have our final block design finished!  They’re going to be cut using the CNC router in the Drama department quite soon, and we’re really excited to see them be realized.  I’m pleased to share a few design images with you all below:

We have five different kinds of blocks: Object, Size, Animation, and Color.  The size and color blocks are rotational, meaning that depending on their rotation relative to the object block, they change the size and color of the object.  Each of the blocks allow two object blocks to be linked together, which helps children learn the concept of “and” and “or,” and how to edit the attributes of two different objects.

We’re also really excited about the “Variable” block we have been developing.  It functions as a tray that takes an attribute, object, or combination of them, and maps to the variable tokens that can be placed around the play area.  Each of the tokens will reflect exactly what is inside the variable tray.  This way, children can learn about how a global variable works in a computer program, and at the same time, reduces clutter on the board!  So if a user wants to have four red octopuses that are all waving, they can, and can change all those octopuses to different colors, sizes, and animations in one go.

We’ll definitely keep posting with photos as they’re being fabricated and throughout our finishing process, and some more photos and videos of them in action once our surface table is built!  We’ll post more about the surface table developments and how it works in the space as well.

Thanks for reading!

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