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Week 9 News

Weekly Newsletter for 3/18/2012

This Week from Digital Dream Lab!

Setup Change

During previous play tests and focus groups in the museum, we found that the children had a hard time connecting the blocks to the digital world. We felt that this disconnect may be due to the table placement in relation to the where the projection is. We decided to move the table right next to the projection space, and moved the camera to a closer location as well. We also hope that this will help with entry points to the space.


We had another focus group with a kindergarten class this week. With the table right next to the projection space, the children seemed to grasp the connection a lot quicker, but we now have the issue that the virtual world seems really big in comparison. We still have the problem that the children are not grasping the connection with the fiducial markers.

The current block design is still presenting problems, and the children did not seem to understand the puzzle piece configuration. The children did, however, grasp the background cube very quickly. They also had an easy time with the size block, but an indication on each of the four corners would have provided a better feedback relationship. We are designing a new size block to make this relationship more apparent.

Next Week

• Halves
• Table Design
• Goals for Finals