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Week 10 News

Weekly Newsletter for 3/23/2012

This Week from Digital Dream Lab!

Scope Changes

We had a big client meeting this week to discuss project scope. After multiple play tests in the space, we found the distance of the webcam from the table limiting, and the line of sight issue problematic. We felt that building a table where the webcam detects the markers from underneath was necessary to successfully complete our project. Not only will this work to eliminate the children blocking the markers with their hands, but it should give a clearer indication of the mechanic of the blocks.

With the addition of the table to the scope for the semester, we had to evaluate what was essential to the project. When talking to the client, we agreed that the functionality of the core experience is vital. We asked whether expanding the system to more complex constructions is more important, or the MyObject block is more important. Although we were very attached to the concept of the MyObject block, we felt that it was the clear choice for removal from the deliverables. The tech infrastructure has not been explored in full for it, so it seems an add on in comparison to building upon the foundation we have already laid.


We had our midpoint presentation in front of faculty and colleagues this week. We were asked to give insight into our process, explain what we have done so far, and how we plan to achieve our goals by the end of the semester.

Next Week

• Big Client Meeting

Concept Renderings for table design
Concept Pitch for more block functionality
Discuss ideas for wall treatment for projection

• Web Postings

Halves, Tech posts, Artwork

• Transition to physical scrum board

Standing dailies