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Week 11 News

Weekly Newsletter for 3/30/2012

This Week from Digital Dream Lab!

Table Designs

This week we have been hard at work on designing a table for the museum. We pitched a couple of different ideas on Wednesday that illustrated different form factors, looking for some key answers in finalizing a design. The museum decided that a wood finish for wrapping the table fit more with the aesthetic of Makeshop, and that our designs were too tall to be accessible. They also gave us some good insight into storage for the blocks, and made material suggestions.

Variable Tray

We pitched the idea of a variable tray to the museum this week. The idea is to build a character using our current set of blocks, and place them inside of a tray. This tray will represent the function of declaring and setting a variable, and the children will be provided with smaller blocks that will create new instances of that variable. If something is changed inside of the tray, the small blocks will reflect that change.


Another topic discussed during the client meeting this week was the amount of content that will be delivered at soft opening. We agreed to fill out as much content as possible for three backgrounds before moving on to more environments.

Next Week

• Part Acquisition for table

• Content creation

• Block design