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Week 12 News

Weekly Newsletter for 4/6/2012

This Week from Digital Dream Lab!

Table Designs

This week we have been working on a second iteration of the table that will meet the museum’s requests. We have shortened the table by 12 inches to make it more accessible to children, and created windows for the children to be able to see the equipment that makes the magic happen. We have also reversed the direction of the fasteners so that we don’t need to use tall acorn nuts, or counter bore into the top of the table.

All of the major equipment for the table has been purchased, and we will be working to finish assembly by the end of next week.

Content Production

We have been hard at work to fill out 3 distinct backgrounds to deliver to the museum. These include jungle, park, and underwater scenes. Each of the three backgrounds will be filled with different interactive Easter eggs for the children to find while exploring with the blocks.

Block Production

We have settled on the final design for the blocks, and have contracted Ben Carter from the drama department shop to cut them using a CNC router. We have made a couple of big changes to the blocks, which is assisted by the introduction of the table. Because the table allows detection from below, we have decided to have the picture on one side of the block, and the marker on the other.

We have also changed how the size block works. Instead of having discrete sizes for the object to snap to, we have changed the block to function as a dial(or potentiometer). The animation blocks are also now double sided to incorporate the abstract concept of and. 

Next Week

• Table assembly

• Content production and refinement

• Block cutting

• Promotional video shoots