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Week 13 News

Weekly Newsletter for 4/13/2012

This Week in the Digital Dream Lab!

Table Assembly

The table frame has risen from boxes and hardware, taking shape in our project room. We are slowly moving all of our equipment from temporary stations in the room into their new home, where they will provide better functionality and enjoyment for the children. 

Content Production

We had a big content meeting today to critique the look and feel of our world, which included all backgrounds and additional interactives. We are moving into the refining and polishing phase, where we will continue to get all of the little things right!

Block Production

The blocks came out beautifully from the CNC router, but they needed a lot of loving to get them to a finished state. There will be many more long hours sanding all the nooks and crannies, painting, applying markers and icons, and sealing.

Promotional Video Shoots

We squeezed our first round of interviews of the team in this week, and also grabbed some footage at the museum for filler. We have notes and timing for direction, and are starting to block out a project file in Premier.

Next Week

• Finish assembling table
• Finish build with all characters and interactives
• Focus group
• Finish promotional videos
• 3 slide ppt