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Week 14 News

Weekly Newsletter for 4/20/2012

This Week in the Digital Dream Lab!

Table Assembly

The table has been finished! We finished assembling this week, and began tuning lighting and camera settings to bring our interactive table to life.

Focus Group

The big push to get the table done was for a focus group this past Wednesday. We wanted to get a group of kindergarteners in on the table to see how they would react to the change. They no longer had problems with obscuring the fiducial marker from the view of the camera, and they sorted out which way was up for the blocks. The children began decoding how the blocks worked, and even waved and tried to touch the characters on the projection screen.

Software Fixes

After having some continued trouble with a freezing issue when the ReacTIVision system thinks it sees two of the same marker number, we downloaded the source code to the Uniducial library. With the help of Eric, Vera was able to change how the source code functions so that this error no longer locks up our world during use!!

Promotional Video Shoots

We started reshooting some of our footage this week to get more of what we needed for a three minute promo. We did, however, like the reflection and perspective that everyone had during filming that we decided to post the original footage on our website.

Next Week

• Soft opening
• Electronic soft opening
• Begin refining exhibit based on soft opening feedback
• Put finishing touches on table
• Tune table IR lighting