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Week 3 News

Weekly Newsletter for 2/3/2012

This Week from Digital Dream Lab!

Project Direction

We had a client visit this week to discuss our concepts and ideas with them. We were excited by the very positive response received towards our tangible programming blocks concept. The idea employs physical blocks that represent certain programming functions and elements. We have decided to use storytelling as a framework, so some of the simple blocks will include characters, actions, modifiers, etc. We also put forward the MyObject idea, where the children will be invited to scan in their drawing or creation from the Makeshop that day. They can then allow it to interact in the digital space with our other assets. We have even discussed having a login at home, where children can recall their MyObject and use it with Scratch or Alice to delve deeper into the concepts introduced in the Makeshop. We will be working hard over the next week deciding the details of our tech setup, as well as reigning in the scope to a manageable size.

Research and Observation

We have continued visiting the Children’s museum in smaller numbers to observe the Makeshop and shadow the facilitators in the space. The experience of working with the children helped us understand our demographic better, and that a lot of our initial ideas were just too complicated. We took a step back and decided that we have to take care of the young audience first, and find a concept that can be built upon to capture the older audience as well.

Since none of us are parents, or have worked with children of 5-6 extensively, we took the opportunity to talk to a kindergarten teacher. Vera’s landlord is a kindergarten teacher at one of the local elementary schools, and agreed to sit down and talk with us about her experience. We asked questions about how children work and play at that age, and what they are actually learning school.


We have received some initial feedback on our logo and web banner, which has mostly been positive. With the final touches being applied to these, Anisha and Joo are hard at work on the half sheet and poster.

Next Week

• Tech Research and Decision
• Finish art media assets
• Start populating the website
• Continue developing flow and function of our experience

Quote of the week

“Is the action in the physical space meaningfully coupled with the action in the digital space?” -David Birchfield