Week 14

Hi, all This week, we presented what we had to faculty at soft opening. We had all our faculty member play through our whole experience and gathered a lot of useful feedbacks, based on which we polish our app. We did not encounter any questions were unprepared for. Based on the playtests we have been […]

Week 13

Week 13 Hi, all It’s the last week before Soft, this week we made a polished version with all the assets and features integrated. Thanks to everyone on the team! We mainly completed these tasks set out for us the week before: Photo art Finalize mechanics Finalize reward activity Create score and password system Adjust […]

Week 12

Week 12 Hi, all This week, we focused on getting all sound and art assets done so that they can be integrated during the coming week! Playtest We participated in the ETC playtest at the end of last week, which provided us some good data moving forward: the drawn art style and the photographic art […]

Week 11

Week 11 Hi, all This week, our team is preparing for the ETC playtest day on April 2nd. We are going to test kids’ preference on cartoon or photo realistic art, also we are aiming to create a complete experience including the new reward activity at the end for playtest. Art Our team is continuously […]

Week 10

Hi, all After two refreshing weeks of spring break and GDC, we are back and straight run to the ½ presentation, also we had a playtest at Elizabeth Forward.   ½ Presentation This week was 1/2s! We presented our work so far the semester to all the faculty, answered some questions, and received feedback. Our […]

Week 8

Hi, all It has been a productive week, we finished our script, storyboard and created the entire prototype based on them.   Design This week we continuously worked on the script and storyboard. There were about 5 rewritings of the script. The script was proofread constantly. After the phone meeting with our clients, we received […]

Week 7

Hi, all This week, we aimed to have two sections of the experience (6 of our total 12 questions) complete enough to play through. We are slightly behind the schedule, but we are trying to catch up.   Design: In design, we planned out in detail the underwater scene, which will be 2nd environment. We aim […]

Week 6

Hi, all This week, we summarized the playtest result from last Saturday at Children’s museum and brainstormed further based on the statistics we have.   Playtest Summarization During the playtest, we had 5 girls and 5 boys with age range from 6 to 11 and one 14 year old girl, which is mostly close to […]

Week 5

Hi all, Happy Valentine’s Day and Quarters! It has been a really informative and busy week, we received a lot of feedback from all the faculty as well as our clients. A lot of things have been changed and we received many new ideas to consider. Also, we were preparing things for our first playtest […]

Week 4

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Another week past, and we are steadily approaching quarters. The focus of the design team this week was to drill down the details of our story and to start working on specifics of the prototype for our first playtest.   Design We began by classifying the different types of trauma to […]