About Us

— Description —

Emotionshop explores how to use gameplay to evoke emotions. In one semester, we will present forty games that experiment with creating different emotional experiences. Our long-term goal is to find a systematic way to evoke emotions through game mechanics. We use rapid prototyping to create our games, then playtest and analyze the data to understand what players felt during play. We are using this data to build a framework for future game developers to trigger player emotions regardless of art and story in games. We are documenting our process and sharing our insights to help other game developers learn from our experiments.



— The Team —

Qiaochu LI, Atlas Zhi Xin LEE, Melody Joseph CHIA Hon Chiang Rahul NAGARKAR Yu-Cheng CHANG, Larry
Qiaochu Li (Mac) Melody Lee (Zhi Xin) Joseph Chiang Rahul Nagarkar Larry Chang (Yu-Cheng)
Producer/Developer Developer Developer Developer Sound Designer




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