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    Previous Week

    Last week, Team Epiphany had their soft opening. We had produced a fully finished version of our game. After that, Thanksgiving holiday gave the team a short break.

    Week Overview

    On Wednesday, December 4th, our game “It Takes Two” was released on Ouya store. It is really exciting news for all of us.

    Ouya Store

    “It Takes Two” on the Ouya Store


    After soft opening, our team decided to put our game into Ouya store for free download. According to our schedule, it is time for us to release the game into market. The programmers have already been busy with bug fixing for the whole weekend, Monday, and Tuesday. They spared no efforts in minimizing the potential bugs or flaws in our game, in order to provide better user experience for our potential players. Wednesday was BVW festival for all ETCers. We released our game “It Takes Two” on Wednesday afternoon. During that night, everyone in the building was cheerful and happy. We had a lot of guests playing our game. It was fulfilling to watch them enjoy our game.


    By Friday, we released our first patch. It was mainly for performance improvement. We plan to keep working on it and submit it to conferences.


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