Project & Team

The Project:

Factomo is a project team at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center charged with creating a new interactive game experience through which players can create and operate the manufacturing factory of the future for General Motors.  We are working with our client representatives, Robert Tilolve and Ronald Lesperance from the GM Research and Development Center to create new ways to visualize the manufacturing process in a virtual environment, which is both fun and informative.  Our project will work to create a competitive environment in which teams can compete in categories such as plant efficiency and productivity to design their vision of future automobile production.  Simultaneously, it will feed the choices the players make during this process back to GM R&D for consideration during actual facility design and construction.


Ruth Comley <>

John Dessler <>

Team Members:


Zero Liu  <>

Our producer and fearless organizer. He will serve as our main client liason.

JJ Hou  <>

Former member of project Sigma. She will continue working as a programmer.

Sherry Ma  <>

She will be working as a programmer.

Nicholas Sciannameo  <>

He will be working as a sound designer as well as managing web content and external communications.

Albert Tian  <>

He is a programmer and game designer.

Meng Xie  <>

She is our 3D modeler and artist.

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