Chia Chang Koo (Jack) is a technical artist who loves the intersection between art and code. For this project he will be working on the art style and feel of this project. This involves creating art assets, visual effects and post processing. He will also be creating a storyboard and narrative for this game.

Minjong Lee is an avid Designer and Artist who believes digging broad range of Design field including User Experience and Visual Design can bring meaningful experience to people. She also loves working in teams with people who have various interests and backgrounds. She believes that innovation comes from a mixture of different thoughts.

Prajwal Manjunath is a programmer who likes building tools and components to let designers do their job better. He also greatly enjoys creating stories and narratives. He is doing programming and narrative design in this project.

Seungsuk Cho (Cho) is a game designer. He has a Computer Engineering background and worked for gaming industry for 6 years as a game designer and a project manager before ETC. He’s found that nothing is more interesting than developing an educational, transformational game. He is going to be working as the game designer and the producer of the team