Week 1

Kickoff week started with no delay. After settling into our room and getting situated, our advisers whisked us away to Wheeling, West Virginia to meet with our clients, the Steenrod Elementary School’s Green Team. During our trip, we were able to meet with Mrs.┬áDietrich, the principal, Mrs. Railing, the 5th grade science teacher, and Mrs. Van Horn, the PE teacher. They seemed very excited about the Green Team and teaching the students about sustainability. They had showed the students a documentary about waste and started a school garden, but they still had many concerns about the school’s and Wheeling’s current practices. Hoping to have a more sustainable community, they hoped that by educating the students on practices, they would spread a more green lifestyle to their home that would hopefully continue to spread.

That’s where we come in. Our goal is to create something in collaboration with these students that help them learn practices and strategies on how to lead sustainable lives, a task we believe we are well equipped to handle. It is also a task on which we don’t have time to dawdle. We created a RACI chart to split up responsibilities and began researching technology to use, recycling and sustainability games, art inspirations, and facts on being green. Here’s to a strong start, and hopefully our excitement and energy will sustain what is now officially Project Flower Power through creating a memorable and educational experience.