Week 3

A busy week for us over at the Flower Power Project Room. The first half of the week was preparation for visiting Steenrod again for a playtesting session. We met with Jesse to discuss our concepts and get feedback, and we set up a Mac Mini for developing on the iPad, our chosen game platform.

For our trip to Steenrod, we brought samples of different art to get reactions from the kids, two game prototypes, and another improv game to use as a warm-up. Our entire team went to Steenrod for this large playtest. When we arrived, the club had gotten larger than it was on our previous visit, which means that we get more feedback and interested students, but also need to corral more high-energy elementary school students. Being a teacher is a vastly underappreciated job.

The second half of the week was spent Reflecting on feedback and proceeding with various threads of production. We continued to work on our branding material and create art for digital prototypes, we finished the first few builds of the iPad digital prototype of our Junkyard Explorer game, and began work on a new set of prototypes. On of these is a game in which the players need to push trash around to get it to the proper recycling bin, and the other is one where players take roles and help design a sustainable town.

The end of our week was big news: on Wednesday of next week, we would be playtesting at three different schools. Time to get ready.