Project madeirAlive: Overview

madeirAlive is a Masters of Entertainment Technology (MET) student project team at University of Madeira.  Students Duarte Teixeira, Alex Goldman, and Mara Dionisio are dual-degree students in the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and the University of Madeira.  They are joined by Carlos Lucas, an MEI Masters student and intern.

This semester we are working with Madeira Living Labs‘s client Wakes.Uma.Pt to create a tool to help tourists and locals plan their activities around the weather.  Because of its mountainous terrain, Madeira is characterized by microclimates– small pockets of weather patterns.  While it is raining on one part of the island, elsewhere may be entirely dry.

Wakes.Uma.Pt is a Science of Mathematics project at UMa, and has created high-resolution weather forecasts on the appropriately small scale of every 2 Kilometers.  Our aim is to build a mobile app that will rescue tourists from weather uncertainty, to empower them to make the most of their vacations, and to make “rainy day plans” a thing of the past!