For Week 9, our team continued to work towards finalizing design and working on the lip sync for mouth animations.After returning from spring our goal was to iterate on the mechanical design ensuring that it is rigid and is anatomically correct.

For this purpose Alex did get some information from motion tests as well as used 3D model of team for pre-visualization to figure out the anatomically accurate pivot points for the head tilt and head turn functions.  For this purpose we used Zbrush model of Tom so that the measurements are accurate and the pivots can be placed at correct positions which are within the required measurements.




                                               USE OF ZBRUSH MODEL FOR PRE-VISUALIZATION


While Alex continued to work on Design, Raisa worked on created a physical model of the space for Give Kids the world. This would help us in visualizing the space which will help us in making important decisions regarding the lighting, setting up electrical and show controller equipment.

Since ours is a parallel development , Dustin has also been working in parallel to decide on the show content and the way shows will progress. He worked on designing flow charts to decide on how the shows will progress. We also then sent a list of the shows to our client to let them decide which shows they like and also to get an approval from them on how we plan to create the show so that it is within the aesthetics of the village and the spirit of Give Kids the World.


                     SHOW FLOW CHART


During this week, Niharika also worked on figuring out the lip sync for the mouth rig so to create scratch animations for the mouth demo rig to demonstrate our pipeline process and also test the 3D converter software to transfer the animations from Maya to the servo motors using the show controller. She also worked on creating a prototype of the UI.


                                                             VIDEO FOR MOUTH ANIMATION


                                                  UI MOCKUP

Josh worked on creating a demo of the mouth rig using acrylic parts created through 3D printing. The model that Josh created was a replica of Alex’s design. This also allowed us to test the whole pipeline which involved transferring animations from Maya to the mouth mechanical design and programming the animations which would then play at the push of a button on the UI.

                                                        MOUTH RIG PROTOTYPE


Atul worked on programming the animations along with Josh to figure out how the show controller given to us by Weigl,  will network with the servo motor and also how the data from the 3D model will be transferred to the servo motor through the 3D converter software. He also worked on setting up the touchscreen and the UI so that we can test our programming pipeline which we would then like to showcase for halves.

                               PROGRAMMING AUDIO WITH ANIMATION


This week was really important as we made some important decisions regarding the design as well as solved problems for the animation and programming pipeline.


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