Team Members

John Shields

Hey there! Thanks a LOT for stopping by! I am John Shields, a game designer in a master’s program who also dabbles in a production role from time to time as needed. My background is in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University which I find to be incredibly useful.

Yes yes, contrary to popular belief, my psychology undergrad degree sadly doesn’t let me read peoples’ minds…or so I tell people… But what it DOES let me do is deeply understand the motivations and behaviors behind peoples’ actions. This helps me a TON with crafting experiences that really resonate with people’s core desires.

There is so much more I’d like to chat with you, but sadly this is not the time, nor place to do so! If you ever want to chat about game design, psychology, projects I worked on, IP I sold to Electronic Arts or anything at all, shoot me a quick email at Let’s be sure to chat again soon! See you around!

Mohit Taneja

A Geek at heart, I love exploring new technologies and working on hard algorithmic challenges. As of now, I write code for bread, butter and satisfaction. I like to develop applications, and generally that involves much more than writing code.

Rex Hsieh

Rex Hsieh is currently a fourth semester student at the Entertainment Technology Center. He worked on six Building Virtual Rounds as the 2D texture and background artist during the immersion semester at ETC, including Indiana Jones Mine Cart Adventure and Noah’s Bark. During his second semester he worked as a 2D/3D artist in team Sony Playstation Ignite and during his third semester he did a coop in Kanagawa, Japan where he worked on virtual world and interactive media and exhibited in Tokyo, Yokohama, France, and Taiwan. He is an artist who has done works in a variety of media including Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, color pencil, print making, Chinese ink painting, water color, and graphic design. Before coming to ETC he studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and graduated with a double degree in New Media and Political Science.

Shirley Park

Hello! I’m Shirley, I’m a programmer for team Palimpsest. I was a computer science major in college, and graduated from UVA in 2013, where I did lots of things, from undergraduate research to writing for the student newspaper. I have focused on 3D art asset work – rigging, scripting etc. Last semester, I was part of a team that built an educational Flash-based MMO, Questyinz Island for the Allegheny County Library Association in Pittsburgh.

Wei Guo

Wei Guo is currently a third semester student at Entertainment Technology
Center, Carnegie Mellon University. Before coming to ETC he was a student
studying Computer Science at University of Science and Technology of China.
During his first semester he worked as a programmer and a sound designer
helping with building 5 virtual worlds. During his second semester, he
worked in a project named Graphic Tone, which was about visualizing four
contemporary music pieces. During his third semester, he will be working on
building Augmented Reality experiences with Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses.

He wants to be a gameplay programmer in the future.

Carl Rosendahl
Jiyoung Lee

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