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Our Advisors

Our advisors are two very accomplished individuals.

Jiyoung Lee Carl Rosendahl
Jiyoung Lee
Jiyoung is currently a faculty member at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University at the Silicon Valley campus. She was previously a music instructor in Adelaide campus at ETC. Originally from Seoul Korea, she is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Music (MM) in Music Composition and Master of Entertainment Technology (MET) from the Entertainment Technology Center (2006). She received her Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music Composition from the Music Education Department at Konkuk University in Seoul Korea (2000). Before she joined the Carnegie Mellon, she was a music teacher at a middle school in Korea, and she was the head of composer at ATM (All That Music) studio; computer music studio for Game, Dance and Film Industry. Her compositions span diverse genres and styles that include modern dance music, animation, multi-media art, chamber works, films, chorus and electro-acoustic music. She has won numerous competitions with her compositions, including the 2004 Cuarteto Latino Americano String Quartet Competition. Her pieces have been performed at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, PA as well as the 29th Composition Recital, Seoul Arts Center in Seoul.


Carl Rosendahl
Carl Rosendahl is the CEO and founder of Uth TV, a television and broadband outlet tapping into the exploding power of youth voice and digital storytelling.

Carl graduated with a BSEE from Stanford University in 1979. Seeking a way to combine his passions for filmmaking and technology, he founded Pacific Data Images in 1980. PDI became, and continues to be, one of the pioneering and most highly innovative creators of computer animation for film and television. During his 20 years of leading the organization, PDI produced over 700 commercials, worked on visual effects for over 70 feature films and, in partnership with DreamWorks SKG, produced the hit animated film “Antz” and the Academy Award winning “Shrek.” Carl received multiple Emmy Awards and in 1998 was recognized with a Technical Achievement Academy Award for PDI’s contributions to modern filmmaking. In early 2000 he sold PDI to DreamWorks SKG, where the company continues to develop and produce animated feature films, including “Shrek 2” and “Madagascar.”

From 2000 through 2002, Carl was a Managing Director at Mobius Venture Capital (formerly Softbank Venture Capital) where he focused on investments in the technology and media space.

Carl was a founding board member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) in 1995 and served as the Chair of the Society’s Board of Directors from 2004 through 2006. The Visual Effects Society is an organization comprised of over 1,500 visual effects professionals who desire to honor, advance and promote visual effects for its membership and the industry as a whole.

Carl serves on the Board of Advisors of Media-X at Stanford University. Media-X is a multi-disciplinary research and industry initiative focusing on the future of interactive media.

In addition, Carl consults for a number of companies, where he specializes in helping to direct and manage creative organizations that are technology based.

Carl is married and has two sons ages 18 and 15. He is a practicing amateur musician, enjoys building original projects (such as a functioning electric guitar built with Lego), and participating in outdoor activities such as fly fishing and wakeboarding.

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