Advisors: Mike Christel
Drew Davidson

The Team

Yibo Xing
Yibo has graduated from South China University of Technology with a bachlor degree in network engineering. As a huge video game fan, he joined Entertainment Technology Center to continue his career as a video game designer/programmer. He has finished his immersion semester and is on his first project: STEMPOWER!




Ken Hilf
Ken is a programmer and game designer with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. He is now beginning his second year at the ETC. In his project last semester Ken programmed a mobile game for Seven Springs Mountain Resort, then spent the summer as a programming intern at Schell Games. Ken is building a 2D strategy RPG game engine in C++ in his spare time.


Ying Yuan
Ying majored in Software Engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During her undergraduate life, she spent most of time in Computer Graphics, Data mining as well as Embedded Systems. She has been a game lover since childhood and is fond of RPGs, online & puzzle games. Educational games is a brand new area for her. She hopes her programming background can bring more to this project and see great potential in it.


Yimang Lin
Yimang was born and raised in Beijing, China. He earned his B.S. in Telecommunication Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Enterprise Management at Queen Mary, University of London. Yimang has also found interest in visual arts and filmmaking. Yimang joined the Entertainment Technology Center(ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University to combine his interests in film and technology in order to become a animator or a VFX artist. Currently, he is doing projects at ETC while learning computer graphics and Houdini.


Meng Xie
Meng has explored the role of a 3D modeler and Animator since she came to ETC. She also gained rich experience in being a 2D artist while she worked on her previous project: Factomo. She likes most of RPGs, Simulation and FPS games, but educational games are a totally new area for her. Her confidence has been strengthened throughout all the positive feedback of her works for the modeling, animating and artistic designs. Armed withprofessionalism and enthusiasm, she is ready for this project!


John C. Balash
During the past year at the ETC, John has been able to put his fine art and educational background to the test. John has worked for D.A.R.P.A. to develop engaging education games in collaboration with CMU’s Human Computer Interaction Institute with a focus on STEM and Socio-Emotional Learning. John hopes to continue working in the field of meaningful play.

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