The goal of this project is to create a mobile app to support health education, compliance with medication recommendations and socialization of children with asthma. The target population will be children ages  7-11 and their parents or caregivers. The app will be part of the STARS / CAReS* projects which aim to determine the prevalence of asthma in this region as well as treat and educate uncontrolled asthmatics. The app will help children and parents understand that they can do the same things their peers are doing such as attend school regularly, avoid the ER, sleep well, play sports and socialize. By playing this educational and fun game, we expect that children will increase their knowledge about asthma as well as change their perceptions and feel more empowered to control their symptoms. We aim to do this by showing our players the benefits of taking their daily medicine and awareness of common asthma triggers.

The app will be built for elementary school children from diverse communities and their parents. The target audience is multicultural and ethnically diverse, including children from African American, Chinese, Indian and Caucasian families. For this project, we will consider that the parents are at a 5th grade health education level. The game will provide the players with an educational and engaging experience, which matches the different education modules developed as part of the STARS/CAReS program. From the technical standpoint, the app will be accessible on Android and iOS tablets and will allow for future added on capabilities.

*STARS is Surveillence and Tracking of Asthma in our Regions School Children and its objective is to characterize asthma prevalence in the Pittsburgh region.  CARES is caring for asthma in our resgions school children and is an extension of STARs and its objective is to improve asthma education and outcomes in the Pittsburgh area.

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