Game Intro Animatics!

This is a short intro animatic of our game to convey the story settings. Enjoy!

Story and Characters!

After 3 iterations of brainstorm and design, we have nailed down the back-story as well as the characters. We will give a brief description of the back-story, and introduce our characters here.

Our game happens in a fantasy world, where these creatures called Ibaus lived. They are born into this world with a soulmate, whom they spend their entire live with. The Ibaus are very passionate, and they often have fights with each other.











The God of this world saw this, and was worried. He created two angels to help the Ibaus and create peace in the world. One of them is our main character, Olho.

Olho in an angel with special power to affect relationships. He can warm up couples not speaking to each other, or calm down couples having a fight. One angel is not enough to help the entire world, so God also created another angel, Olha.

Together, they keep all the couples in this world happy and working together.

Not all is well in this world, however. There is an evil being, Escuro, who feeds on the negative emotions of the Ibaus.

Escuro sees that the Ibaus are working together, and is furious. In order to keep the world in chaos, Escuro decided to kidnap Olha. Olho cannot keep all the population in the world in peace, so chaos gradually took over the world. As the fighting grew, Escuro, feasting on the chaos, grows bigger and more powerful.

This is the what has happened prior to the beginning of the game. The players will take on the role of Olho and go on a quest to save Olha, and the world.


Code name: eyeBallons

After a week of intense discussion, we have settled on an idea which we will take forward to the completion of the project. Many more details will surface as we continue to refine our idea during this week. For now, look at this picture and use your imagination!

eye ballons!

Quarters Presentation

We have completed our quarters presentation. Video to follow shortly. In general, we felt that we had a very successful quarter; we were able to identify many problems we had to deal with for the potential eye gaze mechanics. Tester feedback indicates there are strong potential for these eye gaze mechanics to create interesting gameplay.

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you are here, then you probably already know that we have a WordPress site now. We will be updating the website over the next few days to include more information about what our project and team is about. Do check back often, we will have exciting news and info very soon!