Newsletter Week 9 (10/21/13 – 10/25/13)

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Newsletter Week 9Halves


There was a lot of fervor this week as we got ready for our Halves presentation on this Wednesday.  On Monday and Tuesday, we rehearsed multiple times to get our timing down as well as refining our presentation slides.  Having our advisors, Jiyoung Lee and Carl Rosendahl, sit in on our rehearsals proved to be vitally important since they provided incredible corrections and points for us to consider.  We also were fine-tuning our latest build of the game so that we had something great to demo for our audience.  The day of the presentation came, and we were well prepared.  There were questions about the game itself and its objectives, but we handled these queries extremely well.  The people who playtested our game after presentations felt that we needed better victory conditions and a fuller story, but were overall impressed with the progress we were able to accomplish so far.  The rest of the week was been spent decompressing from the rush of Halves and unpacking all of the feedback to figure out what our next course of action will be.

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