Newsletter Week 11 (11/4/13 – 11/8/13)

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Newsletter Week 11Back to Work


The field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium was a great and fun experience for the team, but we needed to get back to work so that we had a more refined version of the game for our next playtest.  We contacted the Pittsburgh team in order to better integrate both teams’ achievements into the server, thus fulfilling the main goal of the project.  This will allow both of us to formulate the interconnected experience by laying down the foundation for our server interactions.


We have been able to polish many aspects of our game, including several of our levels, our firing mechanisms, and inventory screen.  This inventory screen will be one of the main ways that we will be able to affected by tEAm’s game, as it will allow players to add previously locked content on to their ship so they have new ways to tackle our game.  Extra levels will be unlockable content as well, should players gain achievements in the Pittsburgh team’s experience.


On Friday, we gained a lot of valuable feedback from an open playtest conducted.  While many were impressed with how far we have come in this project, they voiced concerns as to how everything will come together and whether the game would be intuitive to new players.  Based on this, we will endeavor to make the necessary changes to make our experience more user-friendly, and therefore more enjoyable.

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