Newsletter Week 15 (12/2/13 – 12/6/13)

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The 15th Hour


After coming out of Thanksgiving’s tryptophan-induced coma, we got to work on the bugs and suggestions that our playtesters from Soft Opening pointed out to us.  Within the first few days of the week, we took care of all of the bugs and implemented many of the features and ideas suggested in our feedback.  On top of that, we have taken care of any server issues and our achievements are pushing through to tEAm’s game, InkLand.


At the end of the week, we conducted one last playtest before Finals so we could see if our changes made our experience better.  We went over to Zmension’s workspace in order to show them as well as our clients what we had.  Overall, they enjoyed the game, found a few minor details that needed to be ironed out, and gave us a few ideas to consider during our remaining time here at EA.


The rest of the week has been spent working on our final presentation, figuring out who is saying what, and what order everything should in.  So far, we have a good start to the presentation, we just need to put it all together.

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