The Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) at Electronic Arts (EA) is prototyping a cloud server that will detect when a player has accomplished an objective in one game so that it can unlock certain features in a completely different title.  This is meant to bolster a sense of interconnectivity between the different franchises EA owns and to encourage players to try new gaming experiences.


In order to test their new system, the OCCO has tasked two teams of students from the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) to develop two separate games to see how well they can be linked.  Chimera is in the process of making a naval combat game tentatively titled Rule the Tides which allows a player to take command of ship in the 1700’s and become a force to be reckoned with on the high seas.  Once the game is completed, the cloud server will be tested with Rule the Tides as an important asset in the experiment.