About GameGrid / DATA submission

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1. Introduction


Team GameGrid worked with Creativity Labs at Indiana University to promote system thinking design through an educational game for upper elementary and middle school youth. Systems thinking is the process of understanding how components, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole. We developed Water+, a 3D pipe-building game that can help children express their unlimited creativity and gain understanding about how systems work.

‘Water+’ consists of two parts – puzzle mode and sandbox mode. In puzzle mode, children need to combine pipes and game items to build their own system and fill given tanks with certain colors. In sandbox mode, they can create whatever system they want. While they play the game, children should consider the characters of components and the relationship between them. In this way, children can have a hands-on experience in system building. The pipe-building experience will guide them how to think more systemically.

2. Game Trailer & promo video

3. Game play test

Water+ got a highly positive response from our clients, testers and especially our target audience children in 10-14. Some guests kept playing our game for more than 2 hours. Also, the children in a local Pittsburgh area elementary school who tested our game were excited while they play.