Evan: Programmer


With his long-held passion for games, Evan seized the chance to join the ETC when he graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with a B.S. in computer science.

Now Evan is the programmer in the team. He’s also working on an independent rhythm game in Unity3D with Rod Cano, while searching for a summer internship as a game programmer.

Jenny: Producer


Jenny is a producer in the team. She is majored in Computer Science at University of Seoul, Korea. She is interested in entrepreneurship and this is the reason why she enjoys projects in Entertainment Technology Center. She believes ETC is a good place to get experience of product development from scratch.

Peter: Artist

When Yichao was an undergraduate student in Electronic Engineering School, he found himself more interested in arts and games and he began to teach himself digital painting since then. Now he is pursuing a master degree of Entertainment Technology at Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, working as a 2D artist in his projects for the first semester.

Sim: Artist


Simeng was born in Beijing, China, and earned her B.A. in New Media Design from the Renmin University of China. Her works ranged from graphic design, video arts, web design, game research to art installation. After graduation, she had a internship as a UI designer in Beijing.

With the love of game, Simeng joined Entertainment Technology Center in the Fall of 2012 to combine her creative abilities and computer art skills to explore the world of digital art. She is currently a texture artist durring the BVW program and willing to learn new things at the same time. As a designer, Simeng engages in ongoing research on user expierence design to make the design versatile and meaningful.