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1. Concept

Water+ is an educational game based on system thinking. This game provides you a chance to build and design your own pipe system. Water+ starts with pipes on the wall with colored water flowing out. The players will be given tasks to fill the empty tanks on the ground with certain kinds of water. Players need to design and build their own systems with pipes and many other different tools to direct and generate certain kind of water in order to achive  goals like using blender to generate orange out of red and yellow to fill the tank that requires orange water.

2. Game features

1) Game Items





Connect water


Destroy pipe


Mix two colors into the new color

Pattern Generator

Make a pattern using two colors

Color Shifter

Shift a certain color to other color based on coloring order


Splash the water to make it stronger

Music Box

Play a sound note according to the color of water

Tshape Pipe

Fork the pipe into two directions


Make the water glow


2) Level goals




Unlocked tool


Navigation tutorial

Try drag & rotate & panning




Use pipe

Use hammer

Use pipe to direct water to the tank. Use hammer to delete pipe.

T shape pipe


Use Tshape

Use the T-shape pipe to fill both of boxes.



Use blender

Make a new color using blender.

Pattern generator


Use 2 pattern generators

Make a pattern using pattern generator.



Use a shifter for 2 times

Use a shifter to switch the color.



Use pump(Disable T-shape)

Use a pump to fill all the four tanks on the ground.

Music box


Use music box

Connect pipes to each music boxes to play music.



Use glow

Use glow to lighten

Comments (4)

  1. Kalayang


  2. Sam

    Hello, during the beginning of the school year, my SAL class visited Carnegie Mellon University ETC. We demoed your game Colored Water (now called Water+) and we also demoed a game called Wiggle Worm on the Jam O Dron (if my memory remembers). To get to the point, yesterday I went to the Carnegie Science Center and had a blast! On the fourth floor, I was happy to see the Jam O Dron along with many happy visitors playing Wiggle Worm. My friend and I played so many times, and she loved it as much as I did even though I kept beating her. 🙂 Anyways, I wanted to know if Wiggle Worm and/or Water+ was available to buy or download? If so, I just wanted to know where I could buy/download it and how much it would cost (if you do the pricing, PLEASE do not make it a high price!! ;D) Thanks for your time

  3. Sam

    I just realized I haven’t searched the website thoroughly… I noticed at the top of the page is a link to download Water+… My bad! I guess now my only question is: Where can I get Wiggle Worm on the Jam O Dron for a low price?

    • Jenny Kim

      Hi Sam!

      I am so glad that you still remember us! And I am so sorry for late reply. Our team was in holiday.

      We are happy that you enjoyed our game with your friend 🙂 I will ask the team who made ‘Wiggle Worm’ and let you know whether you can play at home.

      Your support was really helpful and I thank you so much. Please enjoy our game more. I wish you a great new year too!